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A video I recorded driving in my Chevy Volt the night of May 22, 2011, sped up 4x.

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My beautiful and very fun-to-drive 2003 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE V6, is about to be sold, probably within a week.

1/21/2010: I cleaned out my garage to make room for the new Volt and for now have been parking my Altima there.

From 68 Chevy

I will be getting myself a new 2011 Chevy Volt.  Here’s what mine will look like:

Its color is called “Silver Ice Metallic” although in the photos here it almost looks white.

I am just too excited about getting my Volt!  Still have a bit of work to do cleaning out my garage and getting the ’68 pickup slid over to make room to park the Volt next to it.  I don’t intend to leave the Volt out in the weather.  Plus I need to obtain and install the 240V charger in my garage.

Update 1/14/2011: My garage is cleaned out!  I’ll start parking my Altima in it today while waiting for the Volt.  Also, the Volt has been in the same status dated 12/28/2010, and today there is a new status.  I think it may be at the dealer or soon-to-be there.  I’ll check with them Monday.

Update 1/22/2011: Removed links to sale information of the Altima because I have a buyer.  Added photo I took last night of ’68 Chevy pickup moved over and garage cleaned, Altima parked next to it.  Update on the Volt: It was travelling through Ohio on Tuesday and was travelling through Arkansas yesterday.  So it will be here soon!

Update 1/31/2011: The Volt was at the dealer on 1/27/2011 and was ready for me to pick it up the afternoon of 1/28/2011.  I have been driving it every day since then and have officially sold the Altima.  Photo gallery here.

I ordered new exhaust headers for the 1968 Chevy Pickup.  (See the post titled 1968 Chevrolet C10 Pickup).  They are Hedman Hedders part number 69090, LMC Truck part number 36-6010.  (top picture of this post)  Unfortunately, they do not fit due to a custom modification done to the truck many years ago in order to change it from an in-line 6-cylinder engine to a V8 engine.

So, I’ll return them to LMC.  I have been trying to find the correct part number to order.  The customer service rep at LMC wasn’t too helpful.  They didn’t know what part number would work and they can’t give me the manufacturer’s part numbers so I can’t look up a picture of it to determine if it will work with my truck.  So, I called the manufacturer, Hedman Hedders.

Their customer service rep was very helpful, or at least I thought so at the time.  He gave me another part number that I should order, 69092.  (bottom picture of this post)

By comparing the two pictures to see the difference, you can see that the bottom-most pipe of the left side (4th/rear-most exhaust port of the driver’s side) is the one that changed.  In my situation, it is the pipe that comes from the first (front-most) exhaust port and goes across the area between the 3rd and 4th ports that is in the way of the clutch cross-shaft.  You can see that this particular pipe is the same between both header part numbers, so therefore this will also not work for me.

I guess I will have to have these headers custom modified or buy custom built headers.  I haven’t figured out yet how I should go about doing this.

Here is a fairly detailed review of a near-production Chevy Volt:

Official Chevrolet Youtube playlist “All Things Volt

Oct 5 2009: O2 sensor update:  It happened again for the first time since Aug 3, 2 months ago.  Also it happened on a Monday afternoon right after starting it to go to work.  At the time, I hadn’t started my car in over 50 hours.  If I remember correctly, the same situation was true on Aug 3.  I hope the coming cold weather won’t be exacerbating the problem.

By the way, I was previously mistaken about when the inspection is due.  I though it was due in September, but that was the registration.  I think the inspection will be due in March.

Aug 12 2009: My 2003 V6 Nissan Altima seems to have an O2 sensor that is going out.

I have over 80,000 miles on it, so it’s probably about time for it to go out.  My inspection is due next month, so I don’t have much time to replace it.  Monday Aug 3, the SES / Service Engine Soon light came on.  It was OBDII code 0031.  I cleared the code at around 8:00 that night and as of today, Wednesday Aug 12, the SES light hasn’t come back on yet.  (I hope this will last to the inspection.  O2 sensors are expensive.)

I looked up the OBD2 code in the service manual I have.  It told me there is an open to the heater in the O2 sensor.  It could be a wire as well, I don’t know yet.  If I have to, I’ll troubleshoot it in time to renew the car’s inspection.  I just hope I don’t have to replace 2 of them at once, like I’ve heard you’re supposed to do when one has to be replaced.  This car has 4 O2 sensors altogether.

A photographical slideshow, showing the progress of the ’68 Chevy. I bought a brand new engine among lots of other new parts to install in it.

[edit, 05/03/2010, DH – Also see my post about the headers trouble.]