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Ohm's Law explained in a simple illustration

We made much progress today. The scooter motor is mounted to the cart. It supports a lot of weight. Unused parts of the old scooter can be seen in the background of this photo.

Here is the link to the older post.

Some of the early steps of putting together the remote controlled drivable ridable cooler are in place.

I finally ordered a blu-ray disc video player, a Pioneer BDP-121.

enphase EnergyIn reference to my other post, Knoodle has found a type of grid-tie power inverter that is relatively inexpensive and will work really well.

Should be pretty easy to wire it to your home and produce electricity to lower your electric bill.  I’ve studied the user manuals in depth.

Here is how I spent my weekend in Dallas . . .

Helping Daniel and Doug Knoodle make a homemade solar panel, very cheaply.  The cells provide a decent amount of power for a very low cost compared to most solar panels.  They are just very easily broken though.

Now I should find a decent inexpensive grid-tie power inverter.

Update: 10/13/2009 – We found a good one.  See my updated post about it.

I have a Garmin Nuvi 760 and figured out how to install the Garmin software for most of their GPS’es.  See this page I wrote that explains how.

I’ve been using Ma’s old electric scooter at work lately since I have a broken foot.


I get the cast removed Aug 20 when they’ll give me a removable brace/boot thing.