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I went on the first cruise of my life earlier this week.  August 22 – 27, 2009 aboard the Carnival Ecstasy.  We stopped for 8 hours each in Progreso Mexico and Cozumel Mexico.  Here is a panorama of the main pool on the Lido deck from above.  You will most likely only be able to view it with the Microsoft Photosynth plugin currently available only for Windows XP SP2+ and Vista. (Update 9/26/2009 – Actually it is the MS Silverlight plugin that you will need.) (Update 2/25/2010 – Actually now I think it is just Flash that you need.)

I think this was around 2003 or so when I recorded this.  It was when I lived in an apartment.

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How to solve a Rubik’s Cube:

The way I learned was I first watched these 2 videos by Dan Brown and took notes:

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And here are my notes:  Click the image to open full size as a PDF.

How to solve a Rubik's cube

There, I fixed it!

Flashlights Backlights

Windshield Defogger

Key Power Conversion

It will be visible from pretty much all of the North America continent.  Look for it shortly before sunset, particularly the southern United States and Mexico.

The source for my solar eclipse information: NASA

I’ve been using Ma’s old electric scooter at work lately since I have a broken foot.


I get the cast removed Aug 20 when they’ll give me a removable brace/boot thing.

It’s the day I turn 50 years old. Might be the end of the world. (probably not) although exactly 7 years later on 4/13/2036, Apophis will be return and will get even closer than it did on 4/13/2029.

This is the computer that I will hang up on the wall to demonstrate my drivelights.  All the details and more pictures are at the drivelights forum. (edit 2/14/2012 – Drivelights forum no longer available)

A photographical slideshow, showing the progress of the ’68 Chevy. I bought a brand new engine among lots of other new parts to install in it.

[edit, 05/03/2010, DH – Also see my post about the headers trouble.]