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Here is how I spent my weekend in Dallas . . .

Helping Daniel and Doug Knoodle make a homemade solar panel, very cheaply.  The cells provide a decent amount of power for a very low cost compared to most solar panels.  They are just very easily broken though.

Now I should find a decent inexpensive grid-tie power inverter.

Update: 10/13/2009 – We found a good one.  See my updated post about it.

I have a Garmin Nuvi 760 and figured out how to install the Garmin software for most of their GPS’es.  See this page I wrote that explains how.

My friend at work made his own Stirling engine out of stuff from around the apartment.  What’s a Stirling engine?  It creates motion out of heat.  This one is powered by a candle flame.

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I spent the entire holiday weekend at Lake LBJ in Kingsland, TX at an RV park called Rio Vista Resort. Here’s a picture of the moon-lit sky at night. You can see the moon through the tree on the right.moon lit

Here is the photo I took of the waterspout in the Gulf of Mexico right before it came onto land and injured a few people and destroyed property.  The photo was taken at 8/30/09 9:41pm at 17th street at Seawall in Galveston at an establishment called Captain Jack’s.  The waterspout hit land and briefly became a tornado about a dozen blocks away from where I was and about 30 blocks away from the hotel I was staying at.  Some of my family members were at a hotel very much closer to where it hit land.

waterspoutThe light was low, so the first picture I took using the flash didn’t come out.  This one is motion blurred because I took a long exposure and didn’t have a tripod handy.

Here’s the story.