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It really surprised me . . .
I registered at: which is still open to new registrations until 11:59 tonight pacific time.  I registered I think the first day of the program a couple of weeks ago and I figured I had a slim chance of getting this model of free laptop which is a prototype unit for beta testing and not for sale.  They’ll have a model for sale sometime around summer of 2011.

I’ll post a review at a later time.

The moon will begin eclipsing at 12:32am Central Time the morning of Dec21, it will be fully within the Earth’s shadow from 1:40am – 2:53am, and at 4:01am, it will be over.  The eclipse will be visible to the entire western hemisphere the night of Dec 20 through the early morning of Dec 21.

More information.

The source for my lunar eclipse information: NASA