My beautiful and very fun-to-drive 2003 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE V6, is about to be sold, probably within a week.

1/21/2010: I cleaned out my garage to make room for the new Volt and for now have been parking my Altima there.

From 68 Chevy

I will be getting myself a new 2011 Chevy Volt.  Here’s what mine will look like:

Its color is called “Silver Ice Metallic” although in the photos here it almost looks white.

I am just too excited about getting my Volt!  Still have a bit of work to do cleaning out my garage and getting the ’68 pickup slid over to make room to park the Volt next to it.  I don’t intend to leave the Volt out in the weather.  Plus I need to obtain and install the 240V charger in my garage.

Update 1/14/2011: My garage is cleaned out!  I’ll start parking my Altima in it today while waiting for the Volt.  Also, the Volt has been in the same status dated 12/28/2010, and today there is a new status.  I think it may be at the dealer or soon-to-be there.  I’ll check with them Monday.

Update 1/22/2011: Removed links to sale information of the Altima because I have a buyer.  Added photo I took last night of ’68 Chevy pickup moved over and garage cleaned, Altima parked next to it.  Update on the Volt: It was travelling through Ohio on Tuesday and was travelling through Arkansas yesterday.  So it will be here soon!

Update 1/31/2011: The Volt was at the dealer on 1/27/2011 and was ready for me to pick it up the afternoon of 1/28/2011.  I have been driving it every day since then and have officially sold the Altima.  Photo gallery here.