Dropbox is a convenient way to store stuff online and on as many of your computers as you want, automatically keeping it all sync’ed up.  You will instantly have up to 2GB of personal online space free.
If you use the referral to sign up, you will get an extra 250MB capacity in your dropbox, and so will I (up to an extra 3GB from multiple people signing up).

How it works is you pick a location on your hard drive to use, and anything you want to store online, you put in that folder on your computer.  It will automatically be put online, and on any other computers you have dropbox installed on.  I have it installed on my home desktop, laptop, and work computer.  It is real convenient to update a particular spreadsheet on any computer and have it already up-to-date on all the others when I get to that computer if that computer was left on.  The files are already on the hard drive, so when I get to the computer, I don’t have to wait for it to download at that time.

You also have the optional ability to share folders with other people, either publicly, or specific to another dropbox user.  If either of us needs to send the other files, we would just put it in the shared dropbox folder, and there it will be in the other’s dropbox folder on their computer, where it can then be modified and automatically sent back, pretty seamlessly, kind of like on a LAN file server.

Try it out.

Here is a referral to use dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTMzNDY0ODM5

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